Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weekend Escape

Was down in Kent on the weekend, visiting French Claire. Nice to be out of the city and surrounded by green (see photo); we went for a long country drive on Sunday and attempted a bit of a stroll near the coast, though our plans in this regard were cut short by a combination of unseasonable weather and inappropriate city-girl footwear. Ended up having a nice long lunch - with cake - but we did see the sea from the car on the drive back.

No theatre this week as of yet. But I saw a preview of Factory Girl on Monday, the biopic of Edie Sedgwick, starring Sienna Miller. Sedgwick was the It Girl of her day, an heiress who became an icon, thanks to her involvement with Andy Warhol’s insular circle. Bit of disappointment I thought; very harsh in its treatment of Warhol. I don’t doubt he was a rather odd and unpleasant human being but it paints his abandonment of Sedgwick as the key factor in her decline. Guy Pearce, gaunt and pockmarked, gives a frighteningly cold performance as the artist and Miller doesn’t do too badly – she certainly looks the part – but it’s a poorly constructed film, too reliant on cinematic clichés and one that fails to say anything particularly enlightening about the world it’s portraying.

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