Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lovely Links

Over there, on the right, beneath the woefully inadaquate profile thingy, is a list of blogs that are worth investigating. I am currently enjoying muchly this site: It is very, very funny. Very. And the West End Whingers have got themselves one of the best theatre blogs on the web. Go. Read. Make inappropriate snorty noises in the office when you should be working.


Miss Hacksaw said...

Oh, I love, and Anna is hilarious. I especially enjoyed her alomst-thesis on 'expressions to give to other people on public transport' a month or so ago; which considering the frankly terrifying experience you had with the fella 'having to touch you' (gah) the other week, might prove entertaining.
Are you going to see Don't Look Now at the Lyric? I meant to get tickets, but failed to, and thought I might be able to rely on you for an honest review (you're on my blogroll btw). Personally, I don't see it tranferring to the stage that well, but I'd love to hear how it works (or not).

Natasha Tripney said...

Why hello, Miss Hacksaw.

No, sadly I haven't seen Don't Look Now yet. I'm a bit scared to actually, as it's one of my most favourite films ever - I've watched it an unhealthy number of times and I'm worried it just won't work on stage, and it will make me all annoyed and clucky.

My friend Chris in Sheffield saw it before it transferred to London and I trust his opinon on these things:

Miss Hacksaw said...

Ooh, thanks for the link. While I'm really curious to see how on earth they recreate Venice on stage, I'm the same as you - it's one of my favourite films of all time and if they don't do it justice I'll feel like the film is ruined if you see what I mean.

A West End Whinger said...

Thanks for the mention, Natasha. Hope you can make our party:


Andrew (a West End Whinger) said...

Hi Natasha. Sorry, that link didn't work. Maybe this one will.

Interval Drinks said...

Thanks guys. Tell me more.