Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Not much time for blogging of late due to stuff and things and general elsewhere occupied-ness. Two of my friends got married in a wedding of near-cinematographic wonderfulness on a recent sun-blessed weekend and my flatmate did lots of lovely things with compost and seedlings and planters and now we have lettuces in the garden, growing in a discarded butler sink of all things – it is too Sunday supplement for words.

And obviously there was some theatre. Quite a bit of theatre. I reviewed Michael Grandage’s Hamlet for Theatermania and I am Montana at the Arcola for The Stage. Last night I went to the Globe for the second time this season to see Thea Sharrock’s As You Like It, an interesting if slightly patchy production. While not quite balmy, the rain held off at least and the Globe worked its twilight magic and afterwards Helen and I strolled along the south bank to the National to join some other friends who were in the post-Phedre phase of their evening and there was wine and it was good.

A proper, actual review of As You Like It to come. At some point, maybe.

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