Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter. In Lists.

1) Driving from Dorset to London via windy back-roads and pretty villages is a very satisfying way indeed to spend a Bank Holiday Monday.

2) They’re very big on flinty walls in Winchester.

3) Yeovil is not a place to stop for a mid-drive snack or for any reason actually. ‘Tis dull as anything.

4) Two cups of coffee is all it takes these days to give me the Twitches.

Easter Egg Consumption:

1 Chocolate. Dark. Purchased from a quality high-street confectioner.
1 Real-actual-egg egg. Hard boiled. Shell dyed red with onion skins in a nod to eastern European ancestry.

Sheep sightings:
Many. Very, very many.

Goat sightings:
Zero. Not a one. Fluffy or otherwise.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

A weekend well spent I can tell!