Tuesday, April 03, 2007

On Loveliness

This weekend was almost wholly composed of wedding. It was very weddingy indeed.

This is only the second wedding I have ever attended ever and given that it was for two good friends who I have known for many years, it’s impossible for me to write much more on the matter without risking some flagrant overuse of the word ‘lovely’ and a probable descent into unabashed sentiment. So I shall desist. (But it was lovely).


Philippa said...

There is nothing wrong with 'lovely'. Love like, evoking love, reminiscent of love etc.

You look lovely.

Your heart is lovely.

Your soul is lovely.

I love you.


Interval Drinks said...

Fair point, but may have made for tedious reading!

Anonymous said...

After the 12th million wedding, you will begin to tire of them. There are only so many bad toasts and drunken best men to hit on before it all becomes a bigf boring blur.

I suggest Vicoden.

As for our fair Lisa, trust that she is in good hands. We have planned excellent food, excellent shows (Grey Gardens and Deuce) as well as some sketchy ones to keep her on her toes (Legally Blond anyone).


Juice said...

the wedding was the bollocks. Best one ive been to.

Interval Drinks said...

Yes. 'Twas indeed the bollocks. Nicely put.