Monday, June 18, 2007

A Question

Anyone have any clue what the deal is with Kingston Theatre? As I understood it, a summer 2007 opening was on the cards, but having checked their website, it seems they’re still in the process of, you know, building the thing. It seems like ages ago now that I saw Rebecca Hall doing her Rosalind in the half-finished auditorium (a rather inspired idea as it turned out, all the exposed concrete and wires made a brilliant backdrop – shame the production itself was so conventional.)

Anyway the theatre is a space with potential, and I like the idea that you’ll be able to pay a fiver and sit in the central carpeted space in front of the stage, it seemed like a relaxed, inclusive set-up, and it could be a great community resource, but that’s only if it ever actually opens.


Sean said...

The theatre was structurally finished I think (but didn't look it when I went!), but they have to 'fit it out', which I think means put stuff in it. They also had to raise this money themselves, which I think they belatedly have done. I love new theatres, but it's finding the price of another ticket (or worse a subscription) however many times a year that I'm worried about...

Interval Drinks said...

Thanks Sean.

I used to work in Kingston so saw the building go up and went to the production of As You Like It they had in the half-finished auditorium, but then everything just stopped.

The pricing policy they were talking about at the time, with £5 floor tickets, sounded appealing - but I've no idea if that's still the plan, as it was a while ago.