Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Going Solo

Just wanted to direct you to this piece over on the Guardian Theatre Blog about an unintended private performance I attended last week at the Courtyard Theatre.


Andrew Field said...

Hey Natasha,

Interesting piece (as always). slightly disagree on the show though - that it was far more clear headed in its intentions than you give it credit for.

Then again, I did see it with a room (about a quarter) full of people so maybe that makes a difference.

Weird theatre the courtyard. Weird.

Esther said...

That was a terrific story and very interesting comments at the Guardian site, too. I think I would have been much too self-conscious to stay and watch.

Interval Drinks said...

Hi Andy, Esther,

Looking back, I suspect I was a bit harsh in my assesment of the show because I was constantly - even when I was gripped by what I was seeing - aware of myself in a rather uncomfortable way.

Agree about the weirdness of the Courtyard.